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Treasure Hunt - Hwaseong, A City full of Enjoyments
Gyeoggi-Do Shooting Range
Comprehensive shooting range with total area of 16.7 acres consisting of various amenities such as perfect facility for clay shootings, pistol shootings and powder gun shootings as well as a boarding house, a club house, weight training facilities, shower facilities, restaurant that provide convenience to the users. Clay shootings and pistol shootings are especially loved by general public as a new form of leisure with style, romance and pleasant sensation
Location: 810-2 Sachang Ri, Yanggam Myeon
Tel: 031)352-6056 / FAX : 031)352-6057
Homepage: http://www.ggshooting.or.kr
Summary on Facilities
Clay Shooting Range: Trap, Skit - 3 sides double (American Trap-1 side)
Pistol Shooting Range: 10m/70 lanes, Running /3 sets
Powder Gun Shooting Range: 25m/2 sets (20 lanes), 50m/45 lanes
Pistol Shooting Range: 25m/3 lanes - 316.50ש
Accompanying Facilities
Boarding House: 17 rooms/110 people
Clubhouse: 107ש
Weight Training Room: 9 types/43ש
Shot Locker: 32.4ש
Locker Room: 2 rooms/110ש
Shower: 2 locations
Restaurant: 152 seats-352ש
Armory: 45.36ש
Anteroom: 2 rooms/120ש
Namyang Horseback-riding Club
A horseback-riding club set up in a cozy garden style on a green field with an area of 66,000m2. It is operated by a company authorized for operating horseback-riding and insured for accidents for the safety of customers, and there are indoor training field for beginners and tracks for the skilled.
Location : 2-5 Jangduk Dong
Tel: 031)356-8421~4 / FAX : 031)356-9977
Homepage: http://www.namyangclub.com
Kart-Ville is the first kart racing-track authorized by the Korean Government which is 700m long in total with 8m width and a 100m long straight lane. Kart-Ville is a racing track exclusively for karts unlike other kart racing-tracks that utilizes a parking lot or a part of motor racing tracks.
Location: 146-3 Duckwoo Ri, Bongdam Eup, Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi-Do
Tel: 031)227-7020
Homepage: http://www.kartvil.com
Light Aircraft
It was created while developing flying type of leisure-sports
(light aircraft, hang-gliding and powered gliding) that can be
carried out in the sky of a wide open sea created by reclamation of Shihwa Lake. One can enjoy the reeds field of Shihwa Lake from above, and various programs such as aviation trainings are developed to provide fun and challenges to general public and teenagers. The sunset and stone statues are impressive when looking down on them from the sky.
Sinwoe Dong Aviation Training Field: San 9 Sinwoe Dong, Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi-Do
Tel: 031)355-7227
Homepage: http://www.myplan.co.kr
Treasure Hunt - Hwaseong, A City full of Enjoyments
Choroksan Mt. Forest-bathing Place
Choroksan Mountain located in Sachang Ri, Yangggam Myeon is a convenient location for a walk by families since it is not high and the walks are well-maintained.
It is equipped with various facilities such as a 4km long walk, a grass playground with the size of 2,645m2, badminton court, paragliding ground, Ssireum ground, adventure play ground, exercising ground, and there is a parking lot that accommodates about 60 vehicles.
A small pond will give you a special feeling and you will see a beautiful mountain decorated with various colored azaleas when you visit during Apr ~ May. Keep in mind that no cooking within!
Seobongsan Mt. Forest-bathing Place
Seobongsan Mountain Forest-bathing Place boasts its cozy and easy walking course since its 2.2km in total from the entrance to the top is not tough so everyone can climb to the top within 1 hour. A lookout on the top will present you with an open view of the West Sea and its surroundings. It is used as a place for learning about nature for students.
Artificial Wetland Ecological Park at Shihwa Lake
Shihwa Lake Reed Wetland Park, the first large-scaled artificial wetland in Korea, is an ecological park created at the confluence of 3 rivers of Hwaseong and Ansan Cities to improve the water quality of Shihwa Lake and to restore the ecosystem by Korea Water Resources Corporation. It features a sewage treatment facility using reeds and it is a place to show that humans and nature can coexist by taking a role of habitats for wild lives.
Namyang Lake
It is called as Namyang Reclamation Land where reclaimed farms are created after the completion of a 2,065m long embankment at Namyang Bay on Dec 20 1973, Namyang Lake created at the time of embankment construction became another tour attraction of Hwaseong City.
Treasure Hunt - Hwaseong, Many things to experience
Filial Piety Marathon
The city of filial piety, Hwaseong City, holds a marathon every year around the Parent?s Day in May where many historical remains are found such as Yung Geonnung reflecting King Jeongjo?s filial piety and Hyojagak of Choi Rubaek. The event is meant to awaken the importance of filial piety and family values and the events include Half (21.0975km), General (10km), Senior (5km), Family (5km) for husband and wife, running together with second and third generation.
Feature: Natural superb view located in the Metropolitan area and a course appointed as a marathon course
Location: Near Yung?Geonnung
Inquiry: Cultural Publicity Department 031) 369-2144
King Jeongjo Filial Piety Cultural Treasure
A commemorative event held to widely announce internally and externally that Hwaseong City is the home of ?Filial Piety? where filial piety of King Jeongjo is cherished and furthermore to enlighten the growing generations that ?Filial Piety? is the base of all things by establishing the identify of Hwaseong City which is a place for Loyalty?Filial Piety?Etiquette. There are many cultural events themed with ?Filial piety? that every member of a family can participate in May, the Month for Family thus provides an opportunity to know the importance of family once again.
Major events: Geonnung Rite Service, Calligraphy Competition on ?Filial Piety? of King Jeongjo, Speech Contest on ?Filial Piety?, Hwaseong Hongjae Art Festival, A composition contest on filial piety, An Exhibition of Illustrated Poems, Regular Exhibition by Art Society, etc
Inquiry: Cultural Publicity Department 031) 369-2144
3?1 Commemoration and Recreation of Independence Movement
Annual commemoration to commemorate 3?1 Independence Movement and to remember the massacres of Jeam Ri Church and Goju Ri by Japanese, events include recreation march of Independence Movement at Baran market site, a relay from Hwasoori to Jeamri, a play reviving the atrocities.
Inquiry: Cultural Publicity Department 031)369-2063
Nanpa Children?s Song Festival
A festival aimed to cultivate emotion and develop quality of children and to inspire the pride and local patriotism and to cherish the accomplishments of Nanpa Hong Younghoo, a pioneer of modern music who was born in Hwaeong.
The festival is divided into two parts and these are Chorus and Vocal Ensemble (Composition and Lyrics by Nanpa, 1 designated song, 1 free selection) and elementary students from Hwaseong and Osan participate and compete.
Mulberry Village Silkworm Museum
It is the first Silkworm Museum in Korea with 300 pieces of materials related with silkworm collected over 35 years. It is a place for learning the tradition that refreshes the awareness on silkworm and there are exhibition rooms as well as a place to actually grow silkworm.
Homepage : http://www.silk-town.co.kr
Place for Education: Silkworm Museum, Insect Ecology Room, Nature study center
Place for Resting: Sericulture Products Shop, Healthy Food, Dining, Outdoor Wedding, cafe serving traditional tea
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM
Location: 569-5 Hagil Ri, Hyangnam Myeon, Hwaseong City
Tel: 031) 353-6220
Charge: Free (It is better to book before visiting.)
Hankyung Kimchi Museum
Hankyung Kimchi Museum was constructed with the aim of informing its superiority to the world and developing Kimchi industry and Kimchi culture and exhibits more than 90 kinds of Kimchi, Kimchi Experience Tour where children can make Kimchi as well as an World Publicity Hall where visitors can watch the process of making and aging of Kimchi.
Homepage : http://www.hkm99.co.kr
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM (Closed on Sundays)
Location: 97 Jangji Ri, Dongtan Myeon, Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi-Do
Tel: 031)377-1251, 376-0654
Charge: 3,000 Won (General, university student, elementary?middle?high school students)
Culture & Art Village Jangi-Gol (Artisans Village)
Jangi-Gol is a place for experiencing real life and community lives in an open space where sky, land, stars, sea are joined together, and it is popular as a place for having various gatherings, corporate trainings.
Homepage : http://www.prcenter.co.kr/jangi-gol/
Danbong Art Festival: An Annual Art Festival opened by artists from Gyeonggi-Do in Jangi-Gol
Cultural Training Center with a Theme
Exotic Mongol Camping site, Ceramic village with traditional raccoon kiln,
Sky E Dyeing Lab of Hwang Bokeun, Self-control training at Jebudo Island foreshores, Environmental Education, Lecture room fully equipped with audio-visual materials
Location: Jangwoe Ri, Seoshin Myeon, Hwaseong City (Former Hamsan Elementary School)
Changmoon Art Center
Changmoon Art Center is an art experiencing center set up by converting a closed school by 11 university professors and professional artists. It is equipped with creation spaces for the artists to work individually such as exhibition rooms, libraries, and practice rooms where green modeling can be experienced and operates green modeling programs.
Homepage : http://changmoonart.com.ne.kr/
Danbong Art Festival: An Annual Art Festival opened by artists from Gyeonggi-Do in Jangi-Gol
Site for Emotion and Learning: Creative Art Studio, Environment Modeling Lab, Experience Learning Center, Gallery (Indoor?Outdoor)
Site for Relaxing while watch the sky: Magnificent sceneries, Lounge, Play ground
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 09:00 ~ 17:00
Sat?Sun, Public Holidays: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Admission is possible until 30 minutes before closure
Location: 235 Soohwa Dong, Hwaseong City
Tel: 031)355-2206
445-702 Gyeonggi-do Hwaseong-si Sicheong Ro 159 (Namyang-Dong 2000) ?? 031-369-2114
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